his movie we meet Julia Grieve, the founder of preloved, which can be a Toronto-based eco-fashion brand that produces garments using second-hand vintage wool sweaters, rolls of deadstock fabric, and other richly sourced materials. Preloved was founded in 1995 and has been upcycling and reusing an average of 100,000 sweaters every year. These secondhand sweaters are generally destined for the landfill, however preloved buys them from rag home clothing sorters and deconstructs them into fabric they can utilize to design new sweaters. In addition to sourcing renewable materials for all their clothing, the brand has also made a conscious choice to manufacture their garments in Canada rather than outsourcing the job abroad. Their clothes are created by those who are paid a fantastic wage and who have a safe and positive working environment. Mat and I had been impressed with all the incredible job that preloved does to design and make clothing with minimal impact on the environment, and without exploiting it’s employees.  visit here

Eco Fashion Brand is Upcycling Over 100,000 Sweaters Every Year

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